We often hear that translation is a necessary evil, however, we find that it is rather an opening to the world. Any business concerned with their image must offer serious documentation in the language of their target audience. Traductions MGM is there to help you communicate effectively and professionally with your clientele.


Transposing ideas or concepts from one language to another can be laborious. Because every culture is different, and every language has its particularities, we must sometimes go beyond the translation process. It is therefore crucial to call upon language professionals to adapt the text to the target audience.

Bilingual Revision

Bilingual revision is to compare the content of the source document to the one of the target document. Of course, to perform this step, we need to verify grammar, but language level and style must also be closely examined in order to maintain the tone of the original text and respect the public it serves.

Unilingual Revision

Unilingual revision is to read over a text without comparing it to another. The task is then to correct the language, grammar and syntax errors that may be found in the document in order to obtain a final copy for the public.


This is the final step, a crucial one, before any document is sent to the printer. Proofreading allows one last verification of the final document. It aims at eliminating any typing or typography error that may have occurred during the layout process. At this point, a professional’s rigour to supply impeccable documentation is revealed.